33 Critical Elements to Crafting a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing of the least effective businesses don’t have a recorded content marketing strategy, compared to 60% of top performers. Marketers report using sales, site traffic, and social engagement to determine the effectiveness of their content marketing strategy. Amanda is a content marketing Swiss Army knife — she’s done it across all industry types for companies like Fitbit, Growth Machine, and D2C brands. What’s even more powerful is how well she breaks down real-world, applicable content strategy and teaches it to others with ease.
Perfect content isn’t about you, your brand, or your objectives. It’s about delivering the right information to your prospects at exactly the right point in the customer journey. You see, most businesses miss out on a lot of opportunities because their vision for content marketing is too small.
Let’s look at each stage of the funnel and the content needed at those stages… They need content at the top of the funnel that facilitates awareness. The 3 stages all prospects go through on their way to becoming a customer.
Infographics are exactly what they sound like — graphical representations of information. Companies turn statistics and complex data into bite-sized facts that can be represented visually. This makes it easier for your audience to consume, and, as a bonus, infographics are very shareable on social media. While you can publish video content on your website, adding outside distribution platforms can be very effective.
So don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO before publishing. Only 20% of web visitors will read the entire article, while the rest 80% will only have a peek at the headline and walk away. When preparing your address, you must undergo the brainstorming process before settling on a topic. I wanted to skip this part since we have covered it several times before here at Neal Schaffer, and on other blogs. Meanwhile, SEO-giant Moz offers actionable SEO insights along with plenty of data so you can easily track results. Continue to measure, analyze and adjust your content regularly.
Videos also encourage visitors to spend time on your page. If a viewer extracts something valuable from one of your videos, they’re likely to remain on your website or refer back to it for more information in the future. Whatever your goals are, content marketing can help you to get there. Facebook is also a favorite platform amongst video lovers and is quickly catching up to YouTube as the go-to place for video content.